Krosa skrējiens

Cross country running




  1. Aim: To promote a cross country running tradition in Latvia, to find the fastest cross runners, both individual and in group evaluation;
  2. Time: October 26, 2019
  3. Organizer:  Organization “We live green” (“Mēs dzīvojam zaļi”) and SevO;
  4. Authors of the distance and arrangement: G. Konošonoks and Z. Freimanis
  5. Race center and place: Recreation complex “Sveikuļi” in Tukums district near the lake Jumprava, 56.994475, 23.136417
  6. Rules:
  • Running in circles (1 – 6 laps), in spectators field of vision
  • Distance description: meadow land, natural ditch, small hills
  • Length of lap: 1600 – 1800m
  • Group start
  • Individuals runners and teams (Number of members in a team: without limit)
  • Time control is managed by SPORTIDENT cross running time control system, provided by SevO (
  1. Participants:
    • Anyone, who is interested and who promises to follow the rules of this regulation, can register as a participant.
    • Under 18 aged participants are registered by their legal representatives, teachers or trainers.
    • Any organization, society, club or any other community can register unlimited number of teams or runners.
    • Participants of junior and veteran age can be registered in the open group; payment is made accordingly the rules of open groups.
  2. Participant groups:
    • Children – younger than age of 11
    • Young adults (J1, J2, J3)– age 11 – 17
    • Juniors – age 18 – 22
    • Open group (men and women) – age 23 – 45
    • Veterans – older than 46
  3. Lenghts of the distances:
    • Children – children’s lap
    • Young adults J1 – children’s lap
    • Young adults J2 – 2 children’s laps
    • Young adults J3- 1 lap
    • Veterans, juniors (women) – 2 laps
    • Juniors, veterans (men), open group (women) – 4 laps
    • Open group (men) – 6 lap

10. Evaluation:

      • Children cross running is without time control and race mode.
      • The best in the individual evaluation is the fastest runner (accordingly to the age and gender group) in the corresponding distance
      • All registered participants will be evaluated in the individual evaluation, but as for the team evaluation – all teams, which are registered as teams of 4 people, will be evaluated.
      • Teams are only evaluated if there are at least 5 teams in the all age and gender competition (in two categories-Youth and 19+).
      • Team evaluation:

A team will receive a credit for the best 6 members of the team. Winner team is the one, which will get the smallest score, based on the individual evaluation of team members (e.g., the team whose members get the places of 1., 5., 6., 9., 15., 17. – in total gets 53 points, but the team, whose members get places of 1.,3., 4., 8., 10., 25. – in total gets 51 points, etc.)

  1. Registration and participation fee:

Application is open from August 14

Till October 21, 2019, 23:59 you can register by filling in electronic application form at or or writing to e-mail address:

From October 22 to October 24 – registration only by e-mail:

 Participation fee (for every participant):

Time Open Veterans Juniors, Young adjults Children
14.08-15.09 5.- 3.- 2.- 1.-
16.09-15.10 10.- 5.- 4.- 3.-
16.10-24.10 15.- 10.- 7.- 5.-
Last minute 25.- 20.- 15.- 10.-

If an invoice is needed for the payment of participation fee, please write to, indicating the payment details (name, registration number, bank account), and what the invoice is meant for as well.

Participants, who have applied till October 21, but HAVEN’T paid in cash or with bank transfer till October 22 (including), are not registered for the race.

If applying after October 22, the last-minute registration comes into force, which means that the registration for the race is allowed only after the payment is received. The fact of payment is approved by the participant.

 For payment with bank transfer:

Biedrība „Mēs dzīvojam zaļi”,

Registration Nr. 40008218290,

Legal address:”Sveikuļi”, Tumes pagasts, Tukuma novads LV-3139,

Bank: AS SEB Bank

Bank account: LV32UNLA0050021717120

COK Silva has a right to release a participation fee on their own insights.

  1. Award ceremony.
    • In the individual evaluation participants, who have received places from 1st to 3rd, will be awarded with diplomas, medals, money awards in OPEN groups, if there are enough members in the group and/or surprise award accordingly to the age and gender groups.
    • Money award is given to the receivers of 1st to 3rd places, if the number of the corresponding group is larger than 10. Amount of money rewards:
      • 1st place – 100 eur,
      • 2nd place – 50 eur,
      • 3rd place – amount of the participation fee
    • In team evaluation, places 1st to 3rd will be awarded with a diploma, race cup and surprise awards.
  2. Extra service:
    • Drinking water will be provided for participants
    • In race territory showers and toilets will be available
    • In spectators zone there will be a café and also a place where to buy sports goods.
  3. Additional rules:
    • Participation fee covers: SI Air+ (Chip) rent, race number, result service, prize fund, drinking points and other organizer expanses, first aid during the race, parking lot in race center etc.
    • Participants are responsible for the SI Air undamaged return to organizers. If a participant by any reason doesn’t return the SI Air+ (Chip) to organizer (has lost it, forgotten etc.), participant must repay its value – 65.00 EUR.
    • If a participant or a team by any reason doesn’t participate in the race, participation fee won’t be repaid.
  4. Contact:;

Evita Freimane – +371 29267142

  1. Other information:
    • More info will be in the following bulletins, which will be published in our Facebook page, and
    • When participating in the race, the participant agrees that he or she may be photographed during the race and the photos may be used for publicity materials for this or other races in internet or in printed media.
    • Participants themselves are responsible for the condition of their health. For the health condition of participants younger than the age of 18 are responsible their parents, legal guardians, teachers or trainers.