Programme Sveikuli night


Night orienteering and night trail running


 Atpūtas komplekss “Sveikuļi”, Tukums

N 56 59.661  E 023 08.196

1.Organizer           COK Silva

 2.Participants        Athletes and adventurers


Registration from 16.00

Children trail run mass start – 18:30 (as soon as it gets dark)

Trail run and orienteering mass start – 19:00

4.Maps and punching:

4.1. Orienteering: “Sveikuļi” Scale 1:10 000, Maps in bags; Spectator point – in the Sveikuļi maze; Middle distance; Distance planner: Z. Freimanis

Distance lengths:

Grupa Garums (km) KP
Elite V 8,4 24
Elite S 6,2 18
Lietpratēji V 6,0 16
Lietpratējas S 4,0 11
Tauta 3,2 12
Bērni 1,3 5

4.2. Trail run: Run in laps (1 to 3 laps depending on the distance length) along firebreaks, forest roads, trails; Spectator point – in start/finish area; Track will be marked with reflective markings; Distance lengths: . Trail author: G. Konošonoks

Distance lengths:

Grupa Garums (km) Kāpuma metri Apļu skaits
Elite V, S 21,1 450 3
Lietpratēji V,S 14,1 300 2
Tauta 7 150 1
Bērni 0,75    

4.3. Time control and punching in control points with SIAC cards. Participants in Elite and Master groups can use their own SI cards or use organizer SI cards without extra cost.

4.4. Control time:

Elite and Master- 3h,

OPEN and children- 1,5h


Elite (M and F), Master (M and F), OPEN, Children (younger than 11)

6.Prices (Eur):

Elite                 Master             OPEN             Children

Till 31th December 2017                9,00                 7,00                 3,00                 1,00

1st January 2018   –                        13,00               10,00               5,00                 2,00

21st February 2018

22nd February 2018 –                     17,00               13,00               8,00                 3,00

5th March 2018

From 6th March 2018                    25,00               20,00               10,00               5,00


6.1. All participant fees for application till 21st February 2018 must be paid via bank transfer in COK Silva bank account LV63HABA0551005150747 till 5th March 2018. Fees for applications after 21 st March 2018 can be paid via bank transfer or in cash on the competition day.

6.2. Paid fees will not be returned if participant doesn’t participate regardless of reason.


7.1. Apply online from 15th December 2018 till 5th March 2018 by filling a form.

7.2. Application form will be available, and

7.3. From 6th March 2018 till 9th March 2018 application only by e-mail


8.1. Prizes for first three runners in both Elite and Master groups.

8.2. Money prize of 100 EUR for male and female Elite group winners (runners -10 and more per group)

8.3. OPEN and children group – lottery


9.1. Each participant will recieve a competition number and a souvenir

9.2. Participants will have access to the warm-up area, changing tent, belongings (keys) storage room, post-finish catering

9.3. Participants will have access to toilets, showers, a sauna, a childcare service.

10.Other rules:

10.1.Participants have to pay the value of a SI cards if they lose it (65 eur).

10.2.Any changes in the application form after 5th March 2018 cost 3.00 EUR for each change.

10.3.Children in child distances may be accompanied by adults.

10.4. Participants, agrees that during the competition, he or she can be photographed and the photos can be used for publicity of this or any other race, or active lifestyle itself in print, electronic environment and social networks.

10.5. Participants themselves are responsible for their health and safety during the competition. Parents, guardians or trainers are responsible for children and youth health and safety during the competition.

10.6. Updated information will be published in COK Silva web page; and


12.Bank details:

Biedrība „Ceļojumu  un orientēšanās klubs SILVA”,

Reg, Nr. 40008061499,

Adress:”Sveikuļi”, Tumes pagasts, Tukuma novads, LV-3139,

Bank: AS Swedbank


Account: LV63HABA0551005150747